Serving banks and credit unions for over 40 years! L & L Systems, Inc., a family-owned business founded in 1980 by Larry Cook.

Coin Sorter / Counters

Let L&L Systems, Inc. experts help you automate your coin management with our wide selection of coin sorters and counters. Boost accuracy, provide comprehensive reporting and improve a time consuming and labor intensive task.

Serving banks and credit unions for over 40 years. L & L Systems, Inc., a family-owned business founded in 1980 by Larry Cook.

Magner Pelican 305

The Pelican 305S+ is unmatched for its low operational noise level and has standard features that are options on competitors’ machines.

Designed for ease of use in applications that demand high levels of accuracy and reliability with the lowest operational noise level. Our Pelican 305S+ counts and sorts the six U.S. Coins at speeds up to 800 coins per minute using patented alloy sensor technology that automatically off sorts foreign coins, tokens or slugs from the coin mix.

The 305S+ is configurable as a countertop sorter with coin drawers or with a security stand to facilitate the direct bagging of coins. Bag stops are exact and programmable which allows the unit to be used for coin packaging as well as coin sorting, performing two machine functions in one.


  • The Pelican 305S+ Coin Sorter can also be configured with coin tubing adapters for coin packaging applications.
  • A journal printer can also be added to the configuration. Either as a free-standing unit or built-in
  • Bag stops are exact and user programmable. 

Mach™ SCW-20 Series

Counting and sorting large volumes of coin is a dirty, time consuming and labor intensive task. Processing large coin batches is a task few people enjoy and therefore accuracy and throughput may suffer. The benefits of automating coin management are obvious and numerous; greater accuracy, sophisticated authentication, comprehensive reporting and of course, faster completion of the task.


Counts up to 3,000 coins per minute.

Can sort up to 8 denominations + 1 reject

Hopper Capacity of up to 1500 @ US.10

Glory Mach 9e

The Mach™ 9e is a high speed, heavy duty coin sorter, specifically designed for high volume processing centers where throughput and reliability is critical. Perfect for financial processing centers, vending, transportation companies and gaming houses, the Mach™ 9e delivers unrivalled performance, accuracy and productivity.


The ideal solution for customers processing significant volumes of coins.

Enhances any coin processing operation where productivity and accuracy are the top priority.

Track and consolidate coin processing information for report generation and reconciliation.

Glory Mach 3

The Mach® 3 is a versatile, cost-efficient, compact coin processor that simplifies and speeds coin processing for any business that counts, sorts or packages coin by hand.

Accomodates 1/2 fed bag amounts ($250 in Quarters, $250 in Dimes, $50 in Nickels, $25 in Pennies)

The simplicity of the patented Figure 8 technology provides optimal and accurate counting and sorting at 1,500 coins per minute (CPM). This makes the Mach 3 one of the fastest in its class.

Simple to operate with proven coin detection, a speed of up to 2,500 coins per minute, automatic feeding and a large hopper capacity. Suitable for medium and small cash centers.

Counting and sorting speed Up to 2,500 coins per minute with full detection
Hopper capacity of 3,800 coins (Standard Euro-Mix) and 6,500 coins max.
Automatic belt-driven feeding system
Contact-less cashMAX ® detection system with 4 detection parameters
Non-volatile memory: count, total and bag contents individually for 8 cashiers
Printed thermal printer build-in
Big coin size range: D: 14 – 34 mm T: 0.8 – 3.5 mm
2 bag stops levels, 1 – 9,999 coins per bag
Complies with EU regulation 1210/2010
Low maintenance